Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI)

The native ERC-20 utility token of the AI Protocol that is blockchain-agnostic, serving to regulate, incentivise, and reward participants within the AI Protocol ecosystem.

Create Intelligent NFTs

Upgrade the intelligence levels of iNFTs

Execute transactions between iNFTs

Utilize AI services from iNFTs

Participate in governance of the AI Protocol

Reward ecosystem users for the value created


Paid out as Rewards


Spent on Services


Spent on Intelligence Upgrades


Spent on AnyNFT Whitelisting


Spent on AnyNFT Whitelisting


Unique Addresses


Ecosystem Participants

A Blockchain Agnostic
Utility Token

The AI Protocol’s blockchain-agnostic nature grants everyone the freedom and convenience to participate in the ecosystem on multiple blockchains.
ALI Can Be Found On:

Powering the AI Protocol Ecosystem

As the Utility token of the AI Protocol ecosystem, the Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) token serves a variety of functions in regulating and fueling the growth of the entire ecosystem, while ensuring that participants and AI Providers are rewarded for the value provided.

Rewarding ecosystem participants for the value contributed to the AI Protocol Ecosystem

Implementing reward mechanisms to fuel ecosystem and asset growth and evolution

Facilitating Transactions between ecosystem participants

Increasing Intelligence Pod levels to enable more powerful AI capabilities and services

Developing dApps on the AI Protocol

Creation of iNFTs, and AI Assets

AI Protocol Governance and voting initiatives

Enabling the Creation of Intelligent NFTs and Decentralized Applications

ALI fuels the growth of the AI Protocol and its ecosystem of AI Models, iNFTs, AI Characters, and AI Assets.


The ALI Utility Token can be used to fuse an Intelligence Pod to any NFT, increase its intelligence level, and increase its capabilities.


Higher intelligence levels unlock increasingly more advanced capabilities, allowing iNFTs to offer increasingly more complex services.


The ALI Token is an integral part of AI Protocol dApps, allowing an iNFT to channel its intelligence into immersive experiences.

Enabling Creation of Intelligent Characters

The AI Protocol’s decentralized and blockchain-agnostic ecosystem gives everyone the freedom to participate in the ecosystem in a way that best suits their needs and preferences.

Governance of the AI Protocol Ecosystem

The AI Protocol aims to be a fully decentralized and permissionless ecosystem for generative AI. The ALI Utility Token enables participation in the governance and operation of the AI Protocol in a trustless and permission less manner.

Snapshot Voting

The AI Protocol’s implementation of snapshot voting provides a free and easy-to-use voting system that promotes community involvement in the decision-making process, giving all ecosystem participants a voice in the evolution of the AI Protocol by allowing them to vote on proposals using Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) utility tokens.

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AI Protocol Constitution

On December 30th, 2022, The AI Protocol Constitution proposal was passed by AI Protocol participants with a Snapshop vote, marking a historic milestone in the democratization of generative AI.

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Content Moderation Council

The Content Moderation Council was formed to oversee content created within the AI Protocol ecosystem, made up of volunteers from the Alethea community, along with team members from the AI Protocol Institute and Alethea AI.

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Become a part of the AI Protocol Ecosystem

In order to participate in the AI Protocol ecosystem, users need to acquire the Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) Utility Token from an exchange. A list of centralized and decentralized exchanges that offer the ALI utility token can be found on the links below.

Build on the AI Protocol

Build new dApps or integrate existing ones to leverage the AI Protocol's interoperable ecosystem and tech stack.

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