Intelligent NFTs (iNFTs)

Enabling Collaborative Creativity

What is an iNFT

An iNFT is an Intelligent NFT - a result of the fusion of an NFT and an Intelligence Pod. An iNFT is able to hold realistic and interactive conversations, harness the generative power of the AI Engine, provide services, and perform various tasks, which are determined by its intelligence level.


An ERC-721 Intelligence Pod with upgradeable intelligence levels and customizable personality traits.


An ERC-721 NFT that has been whitelisted for Fusion, acting as the body of the iNFT.


The AI Systems and Engines powering the iNFT’s capabilities, granting it interactivity and allowing it to perform various tasks.

iNFT Applications and Use cases

iNFTs, or Intelligent NFTs, are a new class of digital assets that are capable of holding interactions in an emotive and realistic way. This allows for them to be used in a variety of ways.
Digital Twins
Digital Guides
Digital Companions
Virtual Assistants
AI Collectibles
Brand Ambassadors
Virtual Influencers
AI StoryTellers

iNFTs and the AI Protocol

iNFTs are more than just a digital character or an interactive NFT. By leveraging the AI Protocol’s tech stack, iNFTs open the doors for new forms of collaborative creativity and new mediums of self expression and storytelling.


Each iNFT has upgradeable intelligence that can be trained and channeled into Interactions, generative outputs and even dApp Creation.


iNFTs have the capability to provide a variety of services, complete tasks, and earn rewards for the value and entertainment provided.


The ALI Token is also an integral part of AI Protocol dApps, allowing an iNFT to channel its intelligence into immersive experiences.

iNFT Applications and Usecases

iNFTs, or Intelligent NFTs, are a new class of digital assets that are capable of holding interactions in an emotive and realistic way. This allows for them to be used in a variety of ways.
AI Agents
AI Voices
Intelligence Pods
Generative Outputs
AI Jobs
AI Personalities
AI Models
ALI Utility Token

Any NFT Can Now Become an iNFT

With the most recent update to the AI Protocol, any NFT is able to request fusion whitelisting, allowing your favorite digital assets to become Intelligent NFTs (iNFTs) on Noah’s Ark and other dApps on the AI Protocol Ecosystem.

More than a Digital Asset

iNFTs represent a shift in the possibilities of creating, owning, and interacting with your favorite digital assets.


Immersive Intelligence

iNFTs are interactive, with an intelligence that is upgrade-able and can be used to create and power decentralized applications, forwarding the interactive and generative powers to the dApp.


Collaborative Creativity

The intelligence powering each iNFT can be used toward the creation of immersive and interactive experiences, generative media, engaging characters, and powerful decentralized applications.


Evolving Intelligence

iNFTs are intelligent, unique, and ever-evolving characters that can learn and grow over time. This allows users to have more immersive, engaging, and meaningful interactions with them.


Verified Ownership

The AI Protocol enables ownership of iNFTs that is more secure, transparent, and decentralized than traditional digital assets. This is because iNFTs are stored on the blockchain, which is a secure and decentralized ledger.


Removed: Tokenizable Economies

Owners of iNFTs are able to launch character economies, granting AI Protocol Ecosystem Participants more equitable and rewarding ways to participate in their growth and evolution.

Build iNFT Powered dApps

The AI Protocol allows for the creation of immersive and engaging dApps that are imbued with the Intelligence level and generative capabilities of the iNFT powering them.

Build on the AI Protocol

Build new dApps or integrate existing ones to leverage the AI Protocol's interoperable ecosystem and tech stack.

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